Twin Flame Ascension

By popular demand, Helen Demetriou has now created a vast array of spiritual tools that can help you to attract your Twin Flame into your life. Based on her own Twin Flame experiences and her many years of research into the mysteries of the alchemical marriage, Helen has designed divinely channeled modules which will ensure that every part of your soul is aligned with the Twin Flame frequency.

If you have chosen to walk the Twin Flame path, then you are ready to embark on this journey into Twin Flame love with Helen. Many people want their Twin Flames, but before they find them they must first ask themselves,

Am I willing to do anything to be with them?
Am I willing to make the sacrifices that need to be made to make this work?
Am I willing to give it my all?
Am I willing to face my fears to be with them?
Can I handle the pressure that is involved?
Am I willing to unite with them mind, body, soul and heart?
The Twin Flame path requires hard work, determination and courage.?

Only you can answer theses questions and if you have answered “yes” to each one, then Helen can help you to vibrate at the Twin Flame frequency. Please know that if you are not willing to give your all to the Twin Flame path, then it cannot manifested in this reality. If you are, then the universe and all divine beings will be on your side to make this work. The Twin Flame path is supported by the divine; they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your meeting happen. They guide you along your journey together and remind you constantly how important your union is. The divine act as celestial counselors, helping you through the tough times you will have together. They want this union just as much as you so know that you will always have their light to show the way.

The Twin Flame path is not a new age invention. We have had examples of this divine love throughout the ages for thousands of years such as Osiris and Isis, Inanna and Marduk, Yahweh and Asherah, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the list goes on. They express to humanity the importance of the Twin Flame union, that when Twin Flames unite, they can make things happen; things they cannot achieve alone, for the ultimate message is that not only are they meant to unite mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, but they are meant to use the energy their union produces to channel into something productive. Their mission is to work together towards not only their own ascension and soul evolution, but for the rest of humanity.

The Twin Flame path is a destiny many walk upon. You could be on the Twin Flame path without even knowing you are. One clue is that your yearning for your twin flame grows stronger and stronger so that he or she is all you can think about. You believe you are going crazy and do not know how to explain it to others for when you do they ask you, “How can you be in love with someone you have never met?” and sometimes the answer will be, “I don’t know; all I know is that I love him.”

You may also be asking yourself:

I have been dreaming about my Twin Flame, how can I manifest them into my life?
Why am I longing for my Twin Flame? Why now?
Why do I feel so empty and alone?
Is there someone out there for me?
How do I know if I have met my Twin Flame?
Is the Twin Flame story a myth?

If you have ever asked yourself any or all of these questions, Helen can not only answer them for you, but you will be provided with spiritual vibrational tools which will help you to attract your Twin Flame into your life and align you with the Twin Flame frequencies.

Helen can set the record straight within your heart that you do not need to change your physical appearance of your financial status in order to attract your Twin Flame. In fact, you do not need to change anything about yourself to meet your Twin Flame for you are perfect exactly as you are. Provided in the Twin Flame Attraction tools are affirmations which you can use as confirmation to yourself and the universe that you are beautiful, whole and complete; you are love and you are worthy of this divine love.

The Twin Flame Attraction tools can be purchased as a package (recommended) or purchased individually.

Twin Flame Attraction Package

Twin Flame Ascension Healing (one session)

With the guidance of the matron Goddess of twin flames and the romance Angels, Helen has channeled a healing system especially designed to heal all fears and worries that can cause complications in reaching out to your twin flame.

Many times people hold negative thought forms about themselves where they believe that meeting their twin flame is something that will never happen to them. With this healing, Helen goes to the core of your twin flame experiences which is held within your cellular memory and she begins to coach your past life selves in the art of letting go of all guilt, regret and pain which can hinder the twin flame process.

Your Chakras are cleansed, aligned and balanced and any cords that are attached between you and any insecurities you may have regarding meeting your twin flame are cut with the help of Archangel Michael.
With Archangel Chamuel by her side, Helen focuses on your heart Chakra, encouraging it to send out its twin flame message out into the universe to be received by your twin flame.

Each healing session helps you to vibrate stronger and your message frequencies become clearer as each healing is a thorough cleansing away of any doubts and fears you hold subconsciously about being with your twin flame. It can also help to heal wounds that you have experienced in this life time regarding love and experiences you have had in romantic relationships in the past that have caused you pain.

Twin Flame Ascension sessions focuses on spiritual and emotional healing and can be performed by distance or in person as energy knows no time or distance.

For distance healing, once your payment has been confirmed, Helen will contact you to arrange a time and a date for your healing that is convenient for you both. You can consciously take part in this healing by meditating during the session or you can choose to receive it while sleeping, at work, or generally carrying on with your daily routine.


The twin flame attraction modules were channeled directly from the Queen of the sacred marriage who is the most beloved Goddess, Aphrodite. Through her guidance, I have designed these special elements that target attracting your twin soul into your life.

Twin flame Chakras Activation (audio)

Activating the Chakras aligns them each with the twin flame vibration. During this guided meditation, each Chakras is blessed by the Goddess of the twin flame frequency, Inanna.

Twin Flame Frequency Activation (audio)

Through this activation, your frequencies shall be aligned with the one true energy pattern of the sacred twin flame vibration. This activation will heighten your transmission call for your twin flame out into the universe and enabling the other half of your soul to be drawn closer to you.

Meet Your Twin Flame Guided Meditation(audio)

During this guided meditation you will embark upon a journey of love; a journey of the heart to meet your twin flame.

I AM Beautiful & I Accept Myself Affirmation (audio)

This affirmation enables you to remember your inner beauty in order for it to radiate to your outside. By doing this, you accept that you are beautiful in every way and are able to discard any hangups that your twin flame may not be attracted to you which is impossible.

I Open My Heart To Love Affirmation (audio)

By affirming that you open your heart to love, you are opening up the communication channels between you and your twin flame that will let them know that you are ready for your union.

Twin Flame Attraction Mantra (audio)

Practicing this mantra regularly will affirm to the universe that you are ready and willing to meet your twin flame and will attract them into your life.

Twin Flame Attraction Affirmation (audio)

Affirming that you are ready to meet your twin flame states that you ‘know’ you will meet your twin flame and this will attract them into your life as soon as possible.

Price: €130.00



Twin Flame Ascension Healing

1 Healing Session Price: €70.00


3 Healing Sessions Price: €185.00


5 Healing Sessions Price: €280.00


Twin Flame Ascension is a complementary therapy and does not replace conventional medicine and should not be used to replace your regular medical treatment or medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of pain, please seek medical attention.
Helen Demetriou makes no claims that this healing is a miracle cure and may be used alongside medical treatment. Helen Demetriou does not accept any responsibility of any adverse affects, however arising, that anyone may have from using these products, tools, information, advice or services given. By requesting to receive Dragon Healing you are responsible for yourself and your well being.